Friday, September 20, 2013

           Speaker cable - "TITAN"

"Titan" is our most astonishing and exclusive high end speaker cable. Made with enormous 4x6 or 2x3AWG conductors and 5 layers off insulation it will make all other cables look like a tiny piece of string. It's designed for extreme current transfers and performance. Its custom made for the most expensive high end setups available on the market, and will control any speaker you throw at it with ease making it the masterpiece of all speaker cables. 
This is truly an exclusive and unique set of cables and production is limited to a maximum number of 10 sets each year.

*Terminated with your choice of gold plated banana or spade plugs
*(Titan comes with special locking banana plugs).
*WARNING! "Titan" is extremely heavy, and is not well suited for smaller speakers on stands or speakers with terminals positioned high up on the speakers.

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