Friday, November 22, 2013

High end hifi power cable - Marconi coil

Power cable - "Marconi coil"

"Marconi Coil" high end power cable has an unique construction with each conductor isolated and seperated from each other to prevent interference and distortion. "Marconi Coil" is made with massive conductors to achieve incredible high performances and low resistance enhancing crystal clear and tight sound. The cable have layers of copper shielding to prevent any interference from itself or other components. "Marconi Coil's" design is truly worthy of every high end stereo system with an amazing twisted finish. 
Give your components enough clean power by adding "Marconi Coil" to your system.


Color: Contact us for availability.
Length: 1-10 Mtr.
*Production time for Power cables is estimated to 2-4 weeks.

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